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What Are Dental Crowns
Portland, OR

Image of a dental crown at Portland City Dental in Portland, OR.Dental crowns are essentially caps that cover damaged teeth. By covering them, damaged teeth are restored and protected, especially if they are so severely damaged that fillings cannot solve the issue.

There are multiple types of crowns including ceramics crowns, resin crowns, porcelain crowns, and metal crowns. Call us at Portland City Dental for more information on how to restore your teeth.

What are Dental Crowns?

Teeth can get damaged over time due to various reasons like wear and tear, tooth decay, or injuries. Due to the damage, their size and shape can change. You can restore the functionality and look of your teeth by getting your dentist to place dental crowns on them.

Crowns are like protective caps for your teeth that restore your teeth’s appearance and strength. Your doctor will cement the dental crown in place to ensure it covers the visible part of the damaged tooth.

Why Would You Need Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns have multiple practical uses. A crown can cover a tooth that has been weakened by decay or that’s cracked to ensure it doesn’t break or fall apart. It can also restore a tooth that’s worn down or broken.

A crown can also cover a tooth that has been so severely damaged that other methods of tooth restoration can’t be effective. A crown can also cover discolored or misshapen teeth, as well as provide structural support to a dental bridge. Lastly, a crown can be used to cover dental implants.

Crowns vs Inlays and Onlays

Inlays, similar to dental fillings, are used for cavities, but inlays are utilized for significantly larger cavities. With both, the existing cavity is removed through drilling, and the empty space is filled.

However, the method of filling the space differs. With dental fillings, a composite material or amalgam fills the space. Conversely, with an inlay, a fabricated solid piece is used. Typically, the piece is made of ceramic or gold and it’s customized to precisely fit the size and shape of the space so that bacteria and food won’t enter and cause more decay. The advantage of inlays is that they snugly fit into the empty space and won’t, over time, reduce in size, unlike fillings. They also create a more robust surface for chewing.

In more severe cases, the part of the tooth structure that needs to be removed can be too large for inlays or dental fillings to be effective. In this case, a crown or onlay can be used. The primary difference between an inlay and onlay is that an inlay covers the space between cusps of teeth. Conversely, an onlay covers the whole tip of the tooth.

The cavity is curved from the tooth and then an onlay is customized to fit the precise shape and size of that space. A crown, on the other hand, covers the entire visible part of a tooth. For excellent dental care, call Portland City Dental at (503) 256-7917 today.

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