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Tooth Extractions For Pain Management
Portland, OR

An extracted tooth and tools at Portland City Dental in Portland, ORFor many of us, dental pain can be quite debilitating. However, there are a vast myriad of reasons for this kind of pain. Whether it can be traced back to overcrowding or even advanced tooth decay, sometimes the best course of action is actually removing the tooth itself. If you have been struggling with ongoing dental pain and you are looking for lasting relief from it, Portland City Dental can guide you through your options, including possibly removing the tooth itself.

What Causes Tooth Pain?

Some of the more common causes of dental pain can be traced back to tooth decay, damage or injury to the tooth itself, overcrowding, or even an infection at the gumline. If this occurs, it is important to not delay in seeking out treatment at our office. Our trained dental professionals can carefully assess your mouth and determine the exact cause of the pain.

Once we do determine what is causing your discomfort, we will then outline a possible treatment plan. While we often strive to preserve your tooth, we do recognize that sometimes the best possible course of action is to remove the tooth entirely. For instance, if it turns out that your pain is caused by overcrowding in your mouth, then we may advise the removal of one or more of your teeth. From there, we may then also advise orthodontic treatment.

When a patient has tooth decay, we may try to address the issue with either a filling or some other similar treatment. However, if the infection has advanced to the point where the tooth is too far damaged to successfully repair with fillings or crowns, then a dental extraction may be necessary. The same can be said for severe trauma or injury at the site. If the tooth cannot be saved, then we may need to remove it. Finally, if you have a serious infection, we may remove the tooth and prescribe pain medication and antibiotics.

What Happens During an Extraction?

If it is determined that a tooth extraction is best for you, the procedure is quite straightforward. We generally will begin with an injection of a local anesthetic. This will help minimize any possible discomfort during the procedure itself. Once the site is sufficiently numb, we will then proceed to carefully remove the affected tooth. Sometimes the tooth may become impacted, and if this occurs, we may have to surgically remove it. If this happens, we may advise general anesthesia to help ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Getting your tooth removed is a fairly common procedure, and your aftercare can vary, depending on the severity of your unique condition. However, we will provide you with all of the necessary information to help make sure your recovery is comfortable and without complications. If the pain does persist, though, it is important to reach out to us for additional care.

To learn more about how tooth extraction can help you manage your dental pain, please do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Portland City Dental by calling (503) 256-7917 today. We look forward to assisting you!

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