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Placing Dental Crowns
Portland, OR

Image of a dental crown being placed at Portland City Dental in Portland, OR. Dental crowns are prosthetic devices cemented on your existing teeth to hide defects and improve your aesthetics. These solutions cover the outer layer of your teeth and conceal cracks, decay, or chips. Your dentist makes the crowns with precise measurements of your teeth to ensure they fit nicely on your teeth. Different types of dental crowns are available, such as ceramic, porcelain, gold, metal, or porcelain fused to metal. At Portland City Dental, we first scrutinize the nature of the damage and check whether you are a good candidate for placing dental crowns. The whole procedure may include the following:

History Taking and Physical Examination

Before undertaking any dental procedure, our dentist must understand your medical and other relevant histories. Our dental experts must check for any underlying medical condition that may affect the treatment procedure. They also perform a physical examination to study the nature of cracks, chips, or decay on your teeth. With the review, we can decide whether you require dental crowns.

Investigative Tests

The next step is to perform various investigative tests. Tests such as x-rays help to check the nature of decay and damage to your teeth and jawbone. Through investigative tests, a dentist can check the susceptibility of infections to the root or pulp of the teeth. If the damage on the pulp of the teeth is extreme, a root canal treatment option is recommended before placing the crown.

Tooth Shaping

Tooth shaping is crucial so that the crown can fit well. The extent of the reshaping depends on the types of dental crowns the dentist will use. For instance, metal crowns will require minimal shaping compared to porcelain crowns. The shaping process involves filing down the top and sides of the teeth. If you have any tooth decay, we must treat it at this stage.

Making an Impression of Your Tooth

An impression of your tooth must be made to ensure the dentist has your tooth's exact shape and size. Our dentist will also make another impression for the tooth situated at the opposing jaw to ensure the crown fits nicely on the adjacent side.

Crown Placement

When our dentist has the crown's correct size, color, and shape, they place it on the damaged teeth. Local anesthesia is recommended to minimize pain and discomfort during the procedure. Special glue or cement ensures the crown is in place for several years. If you want to avoid making several trips to the dental office, you can opt for same day crowns prepared within two hours. When your crowns are in position, you must brush and floss your teeth daily to ensure their durability.

There are many benefits of ceramic crowns for your teeth. Ceramic crowns help cover and protect your teeth and they are long-lasting options. Our dental experts use this restorative treatment to solve problems like cracks or decay on your teeth. Visit us at Portland City Dental to learn more about the types of dental crown alternatives available. You can also contact us at (503) 256-7917 to book an appointment with our qualified dental experts.

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