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Dental X-Rays
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Digital Radiography - Dental Imaging Using Digital X-rays

Dental imaging plays several important roles in dentistry, from helping to detect oral health problems to offering an accurate diagnosis and helping in the planning of treatment solutions. At Portland City Dental, we are committed to offering the best dental care, which is why we invest in several dental imaging technologies. Digital radiography, or digital x-raying, is one of these technologies that we use while offering dental care.

What Is Digital Radiography?

Digital radiography is an advanced dental imaging technique that makes use of digital x-rays to produce images of the dental features. The x-raying process involves placing an electronic sensor in your mouth that is connected to a computer screen. When x-rays are directed towards your mouth, the sensor captures an impression of your dental features, which is then transmitted to the computer screen as a digital x-ray image.

Digital Radiography vs. Traditional Radiography

Digital radiography offers an alternative solution to the traditional radiography technique. The traditional dental x-rays involve the use of a film (as opposed to an electronic sensor), which is placed in your mouth during the x-raying process. When the x-ray beam is directed towards your mouth, the film captures the impression of your dental features. It is then developed to produce a dental x-ray image.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

Digital radiography use in dentistry offers several benefits over the traditional technique. These benefits include:
•  A faster treatment process. One of the many differences between digital x-rays and traditional x-rays is the time taken to produce the dental images. With digital x-rays, the images are produced instantly and displayed on the computer screen. However, with traditional x-rays, the film used has to be developed to produce the images. This means having to wait at the office for a while longer, which in turn, increases the length of your dental appointments.
•  Reduced exposure to radiation. The use of x-rays, digital or traditional, to produce dental images exposes you to radiation. However, one of the advantages of the digital radiography technique is that it greatly minimizes your exposure, thanks to the advanced tools used. Therefore, while the x-raying process (even traditional) is relatively safe, digital x-rays are a much safer option.
•  A more comfortable experience. The traditional dental x-raying procedure is very uncomfortable as you have to bite down on the film - which usually causes jaw cramping, not to mention an awkward biting experience. With digital x-rays, however, the electronic sensor placed in your mouth is quite small and is connected to the computer screen using a thin and unobtrusive wire. The experience is thus much more comfortable.
•  High-quality, detailed dental images. Conventional film x-rays produce a standard-size analog image. However, with digital x-rays, the digital image produced can be manipulated through magnification to offer a more detailed view of your dental features. This helps to create more accuracy in detecting and diagnosing dental health problems, as well as planning for their treatments.

Dental x-rays are an important part of dental care, but digital x-rays help to ensure you receive better, faster, and more comfortable care. If you have any questions about the digital radiography procedure, call us, Portland City Dental, at (503) 256-7917 today to schedule a consultation.

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At Portland City Dental, we are committed to offering the best care, which is why we invest in several imaging technologies, including digital x-rays. Learn more here!
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