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Dental Fillings
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A Guide to Dental Filling Treatments

Tooth damage is a common dental problem that can occur at any time due to various reasons, but mostly due to decay. The decay can damage part of a tooth, especially the top surface of the molars and premolars, leading to dental cavities. These cavities can, over time, expand, until the tooth is badly damaged, hence leading to tooth loss. Fortunately, there are several dental restoration solutions that can help to repair a damaged tooth and prevent further damage. At Portland City Dental, we offer several of these restorative dental solutions, including dental fillings.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings (or tooth fillings) are materials used to treat a damaged tooth to restore it to its original function (and in some cases, appearance). The dental filling procedure involves replacing the damaged part of a tooth with the filling material. The material helps to restore the shape and size of the tooth, and in the case of tooth colored-materials, its natural appearance.

What Dental Problems Can Tooth Fillings Fix?

Dental fillings are usually used to treat tooth decay. After getting rid of the decaying tooth part, a filling material is used to replace the decayed part. This helps to restore the structure of the tooth, thus allowing you to enjoy complete mouth function when it comes to biting and chewing food.

Replacing the decayed tooth part with a filling material also helps to seal the tooth, which prevents the bacteria from penetrating to the soft tissue parts. As a result, this helps to prevent further re-infection.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are several types of dental fillings that are available for you to choose from. They include:
•  Cast gold fillings
•  Amalgam (silver) fillings
•  Composite Fillings
•  Porcelain Fillings
•  Ceramic fillings
•  Glass Ionomer fillings

The difference between these fillings is in the material used. Some of them, like the gold and silver fillings, are comprised of durable filling materials, which help to increase the strength of the tooth. On the other hand, the ceramic, composite resin, and porcelain fillings are comprised of tooth-colored materials, which help to restore the natural appearance of the tooth.

What Happens During a Dental Fillings Procedure?

If you have tooth decay, the dental filling is one of the procedures that can be recommended for you. It is usually a simple procedure that is carried out in a single session. Below is a look at what you can expect during the procedure:
•  Sedation. The filling procedure is carried out while you are sedated. Local anesthesia is used for this purpose, where it is administered to the area around the tooth.
•  Removal of the decayed part. A drill is used to cut through the enamel to allow for the removal of the decayed part. The area is then shaped, hence making it ready to receive the filling material.
•  Etching. Before placing the filling material, the area (where the decayed part was) is etched by placing an acid gel. The etching helps to create a strong bond between the tooth enamel and the filling material.
•  Placement of the filling material. The filling material is then applied, and a laser or UV light is used to activate the bonding process. Excess material is then removed, before polishing the reaming part to give it a great finish.

Suffering from tooth decay? Portland City Dental can offer you reliable dental solutions to repair the damage and save your tooth. Call us today at (503) 256-7917 to schedule an appointment.

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