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Dental FAQs For Kids
Portland, OR

Child with dentist learning how to brush teeth at Portland City Dental in Portland, ORJust as you would take your child to a doctor who specializes in young patients, you also need to have their oral health care needs taken care of by a pediatric dentist. Our experts are trained to understand the dental needs of children, and there are a number of pediatric specialists on staff here at Portland City Dental. They have years of experience treating children from infants up to those in their late teens. We deal with everything from regular exams to emergency appointments.

Why Is the First Visit Important?

This visit is important to check the progress of your child’s tooth development and to locate any areas of concern. Early detection of developmental concerns is vital to ensuring that your child has healthy teeth and gum development. This visit will also be used to check for proper development of oral tissues and locate any concerns that may delay your child’s speech, such as if your child is tongue-tied.
Our team will also discuss frequent infant dental issues such as tooth decay related to the use of a baby bottle. This type of tooth decay can be treated with good cleaning habits, which our professional will review with you during your visit. This visit is also important to address other habits that can influence your child’s dental development, such as thumb sucking and the use of pacifiers.

Does My Child Need Orthodontic Treatment?

If you are concerned that your child may need orthodontic treatment, there are a few things you can look for even before you bring them in to see us. If they are having trouble biting or chewing their food, you certainly need to bring them in as soon as you can. This could indicate other issues, too, and we need to find the cause of these issues. Having a speech impediment can be due to misalignment of the teeth as well.

Anyone we see who has misaligned teeth, an overbite or underbite, or other problems that occur due to alignment will need orthodontic care. While braces or Invisalign typically are the solution to these issues, there are other orthodontic procedures that may be necessary. It depends on the condition of your child’s teeth, jaw, and overall oral health.

What Qualifies as a Pediatric Emergency?

A pediatric emergency to us is anything that requires urgent care. This can be everything from injuries to the mouth to severe tooth pain to problems caused by braces. For a parent, any time their child is in pain is a serious emergency, and we understand that. Whether it is a chipped tooth, a lost filling, a painful infection, or problems caused by erupting wisdom teeth, we are here for our young patients. These are emergencies, and you should certainly call us. We will do everything we can to quickly get you and your child in, stop the pain, and prepare a plan for treating the injury or other conditions.

We Are Here for You

We know you may be anxious about your little one’s oral health, and we will be here to provide guidance and reassurance whenever you may need it. If you or your child has any questions, do not hesitate to contact the pediatric team at Portland City Dental. Just give us a call at (503) 256-7917 during business hours to schedule an appointment.

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Dental FAQs For Kids - Dentist Portland, OR - Portland City Dental
We know you may be anxious about your little one’s oral health, but Portland City Dental is here to provide guidance and reassurance whenever you may need it. Call today!
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