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Cracked Tooth
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Trauma and Nerve Damage of injured tooth before receiving services from Portland City Dental in Portland, ORAnterior crowns are a restorative option for the teeth in the front of your mouth that are most noticeable when you smile. People who have a front tooth that is chipped, cracked, or failing may opt to have an anterior crown. Due to anterior crowns serving a more cosmetic purpose than crowns that are closer to the back of the mouth, the prosthetic must look as natural as possible.

Here at Portland City Dental, we work with each patient to make sure that all anterior crowns are customized to fit their needs. It is crucial that the tooth is both durable and looks as similar as possible to the neighboring teeth.

What Is an Anterior Crown?

A crown is a cap that goes on top of a damaged or cracked tooth. The cap creates a seal over the outside of the tooth and prevents further damage from being done. This will restore the functionality and appearance of the tooth.

An anterior crown is made with either solid porcelain or a porcelain exterior with a metal core. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, or PFM, are stronger but are also considered to be less natural in appearance than a pure porcelain crown. Porcelain closely matches the shade of teeth because it is slightly translucent but also reflects light similarly to natural teeth. Since PFMs have a metal core, they do not reflect light in the same way.

The metal core of a PFM crown may become visible as your gum line recedes naturally with age. PFM crowns are slightly more durable than full porcelain crowns, so if you grind your teeth or bite with excessive force, this may be the right choice for you.

Why Might You Need an Anterior Crown?

If you have a tooth that is damaged, cracked, or broken, it can be prone to bacteria buildup which may lead to an infection. By protecting the damaged tooth, you can prevent the need for more expensive and complicated dental surgeries such as extraction and full-on replacement.

A large filling in your anterior teeth could also become damaged and need to be replaced over time. Instead of refilling a cavity numerous times, it may be a more affordable option to simply cap the tooth with a crown and protect it from further damage.

What Is the Procedure for Installing an Anterior Crown?

The procedure for getting an anterior crown is a relatively simple one. First, you will see us to make sure an anterior crown is a good choice for you based on your oral health and the overall condition of your teeth. If an anterior crown is needed, the damaged tooth will be shaved down so that the crown can fit securely.

Once the damaged tooth is shaped to the correct proportions, our team will get an impression of your mouth. That impression is sent to a lab, where a specialist will create a model crown based on the shape and color specified. A temporary crown may be given to wear in the meantime to fill any gaps in your teeth.

The crown will be sent to our team after a few weeks, and they will cement it where it needs to go. Once installed, your crown needs to be cared for as you would for natural teeth, including proper brushing and flossing.

Anterior crowns are a suitable choice for people with damaged, cracked, or failing front teeth. These teeth are important for your smile, biting, and speech. If you think you may need an anterior crown, call Portland City Dental at (503) 256-7917 to set up an appointment. Damaged teeth may lead to more issues, so act quickly and get a smile that you can be proud of.

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Anterior crowns are a suitable choice for people with damaged, cracked, or failing front teeth. If you think you may need an anterior crown, call Portland City Dental.
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