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Fluoride Treatment
Portland, OR

 Young boy receiving fluoride treatment from Portland City Dental in Portland, ORFluoride is a necessity when it comes to enhancing your oral health and hygiene. Moreover, while fluoride treatment is primarily recommended for children at risk of tooth decay, adults are also often advised to get this dental treatment to eliminate the chances of accumulating gum diseases and cavities.

Fluoride varnish used during the treatment is a highly concentrated solution of fluoride that’s applied to a tooth’s surface, either by a dentist or an oral hygienist. It may be available in the form of a gel, foam, or a liquid paste.

Several Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is considered an essential part of family dentistry, and it is especially recommended when there’s a high possibility of weakening jawbone structure or accumulating cavities. However, if you’re wondering exactly what it entails to get a fluoride treatment and how it works, there are several undeniable benefits of this dental procedure.

Prevents Tooth Decay and Cavities

When individuals consume starch and sugar, these foods permit the bacteria in their mouth to fabricate an acid that works to break down the teeth enamel. This, in turn, causes tooth decay. However, fluoride treatment specifically targets this dental problem, as it naturally heals the damage caused due to corrosion and cavities.

Protects Your Teeth Enamel

Another excellent benefit of this treatment is that fluoride battles against the acids damaging your enamel while preventing teeth inflammation and sensitivity. Acidic drinks cause your enamel to break down, which makes them significantly more sensitive to all kinds of warm, hot, and cold beverages, including water.

Restores Essential Minerals

Unhealthy acids already present in your mouth don’t only affect the enamel, but they also prominently damage the structure of the teeth. That’s because these detrimental acids strip your teeth of the minerals that enhance your oral health in the long run, including calcium and phosphorus. Fluoride treatment effectively reverses this damaging process by adding the stripped away minerals back into the teeth, which is known as remineralization.

Fluoride Acts as a Natural Preventative

Fluoride varnish is also a natural preventative that keeps your teeth in the best shape. This dental treatment adjusts the fluoride level of your teeth while keeping several other oral issues from surfacing, such as high-spreading gum diseases.

It’s best to remember that fluoride treatment should not be limited to dentistry for kids. Adults can reap similar benefits from this dental procedure, keeping their oral health in the best form. If you’re looking for a dental expert to get a fluoride treatment, you can stop your search at Portland City Dental. Our professionals, including Dr. Dan Rodriguez, offer their services to ensure you get your fluoride treatment done. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (503) 256-7917.

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