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Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?
Portland, OR

Woman finding out if she is a candidate for dental implants during her dental exam at Portland City Dental in Portland, OR 97215-1522 Dental implants are a great option for rebuilding missing teeth and restoring your oral health. However, this treatment does have some obstacles that may eliminate candidacy for a small percentage of patients. Working with our staff at Portland City Dental, we can evaluate your oral health, as well as discuss your overall medical history, to find the best solution for your needs which may include an implant retained prosthetic.

We can rebuild missing teeth beginning with reestablishing a root through the surgical placement of a dental implant. This process is a fantastic option, as it provides our patients more than a replacement tooth, but a tooth that also functions with your jawbone as a tooth. The difference is significant versus traditional options. The largest factor that can affect candidacy for placement is the patient’s ability to heal in a timely manner.

Oral Surgery and Healing

The placement of dental implants is a minimally invasive procedure that is often approved for even our more medically delicate and older patients, as long as they are able to heal at a reasonable rate. Healing appropriately is vital to the success of this procedure.

Successful placement of a dental implant is dependent on a natural healing process known as osseointegration. This involves the bone growing up and around the threaded implant device to firmly fuse the two together. There are conditions that can slow a person's ability to heal reasonably, including:
•  Medical Conditions: There are medical conditions that can slow your natural ability to heal. This may include diabetes or cancer. We ask that you make us aware of any medical conditions that you may have so we can inquire further to determine candidacy. In some instances we may even ask to speak with your physician to see if changes can be made to increase your rate of healing.
•  Medications: Some medications can affect your ability to heal at a reasonable rate. Additionally, there are medications that can decrease your saliva production making you more susceptible to disease and increasing the likelihood of developing an infection. We will want to know of all medications, prescribed or not, that you regularly take even if it seems unrelated to your oral health.
•  Smoking: Smoking tobacco or marijuana can present some problems when healing from oral surgery. There are multiple reasons that smoking is bad for your mouth. The heat of inhaling drys your mouth of saliva, making it more difficult for the saliva to remove bacteria and leaving the patient at increased risk of infection. Nicotine also slows saliva production. Smoking also causes a temporary paralysis of the tissue stopping the healing process from occurring. Finally, the carcinogens in both tobacco and marijuana can slow the healing process. Smoking does not eliminate candidacy, but before surgery can be performed, we will need to discuss an appropriate amount of time before and after surgery that the patient cannot smoke.

In most of these situations, we can create a treatment plan to help the patient reach a place that their body will be able to heal appropriately enough to have surgery. We are happy to work with you. Give Portland City Dental a call at (503) 867-8124 to learn more or schedule your appointment!

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